Monday, March 25, 2013

Job Hunt 101

Last Tuesday, we attended a seminar which was conducted by our schoolmates in their Marketing Plan subject. The seminar is about how to get the job (resume, interview, grooming and make up training) and what to do once you're in the job (saving).

1. The speakers and the ones who conducted the seminar. Awarding.
2. They made me their model. They put make ups on me.
3. Red dress. 168 mall.
4. Braces.
5. Messy Hair.
6. After they put make ups on me.
7. Done.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Kitchen of Coffee and Cakes

Hello :) I'm back. I have loads of works to do. Bet that's what student's life is. Anyway, a few moments ago, my friends and I went to this Kitchen of Coffee and Cakes to try out their desserts because one of our classmates told us that it is now trending on blogs. This shop is located at SM North Sky Garden.

1. The cakes that we tried.
> 7th Heaven
> Dark Charlotte Mousse
> Best Cheese Cake with Fruit toppings
> The Decadent
>  Mango Walnut Torte
2. The best seller Mango Walnut Torte
3.  Stomach's full. Can't take it all.
4. Food Tasting.
5. Hood shirt from Just G.

6. First Visit.

The cakes are so-so. I'm not that impressed just like what I have read from other bloggers. What I only like is the Mango Walnut Torte. What am I going to do? We have to present this company to the panels and defend that this is a nice cafe to try.

Friday, March 8, 2013


  Howdy! New blog eh? Have to create one because I haven't updated the old ones for ages .. Feel like I dunno what should I write or how am I going to continue those. Anyway, wish this blog would be my official sanctuary. :3

My boyf and I had a dinner date at 4Fingers. 4Fingers is a Korean resto that serves yummy chicken at its affordable price.

What I'm wearing: Romper from Plains and Prints, Necklace from Forever21, Stockings from Darlington, Shoes from Gibi.