Monday, March 25, 2013

Job Hunt 101

Last Tuesday, we attended a seminar which was conducted by our schoolmates in their Marketing Plan subject. The seminar is about how to get the job (resume, interview, grooming and make up training) and what to do once you're in the job (saving).

1. The speakers and the ones who conducted the seminar. Awarding.
2. They made me their model. They put make ups on me.
3. Red dress. 168 mall.
4. Braces.
5. Messy Hair.
6. After they put make ups on me.
7. Done.


Claudia Castro said...

you look super cute!!

Simran said...

Wow! I love your dress, Faye!
You are looking Fabulous!:)

Елена Загинайлова said...

I liked your style) Subscribe for your blog, I hope for reciprocity))

Merve Yıldız said...

very nice dresses! :) Hello this blog. :)