Saturday, August 10, 2013

Here's to our Business Society Night!

I had reeeeeaaaaaaallllyyyyy FUN! There are intermission numbers from Danzaire (a dance group in our school), Hymno (a group of singers of our school), EB babes ( a girl dance group in the Philippines) and students had a runway. They also introduced the newly elected officers of the society and yeah I am one of them. I am the Vice president Internal of BA course.

L-R: EB Babe / classmate, Sir Alex Moico, Atty., Classmate Cherra, Mr.International, Me and Atty. Sotto

Business Society Officers.

Making kulitan with my classmates

With Mr. International

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Getting ready for SATURDAY's NIGHT

I was at Trinoma a while ago with my cousin looking for a dress to wear for our Saturday's night. Here's what I bought.

Actually, I already saw this dress last December. Mama and I were about to buy this but I was hesitant because at that time, I still want to look for something else although this one's nice too. It was a bit pricey then but ... when I bought this a while ago, it was on sale so I grabbed my chance to buy this. I rarely wear dress so this is a good timing eh? :)
Bought this for less than 800 bucks. Not bad right? My only problem right now is the shoes that I will wear. Oh my head aches!!!
And lastly, that petitmonde cologne is what I'm using for more than 2 years already. My boyf likes the smell so I sticked to it since then.