Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Getting ready for SATURDAY's NIGHT

I was at Trinoma a while ago with my cousin looking for a dress to wear for our Saturday's night. Here's what I bought.

Actually, I already saw this dress last December. Mama and I were about to buy this but I was hesitant because at that time, I still want to look for something else although this one's nice too. It was a bit pricey then but ... when I bought this a while ago, it was on sale so I grabbed my chance to buy this. I rarely wear dress so this is a good timing eh? :)
Bought this for less than 800 bucks. Not bad right? My only problem right now is the shoes that I will wear. Oh my head aches!!!
And lastly, that petitmonde cologne is what I'm using for more than 2 years already. My boyf likes the smell so I sticked to it since then.

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