Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kagome Higurashi

Character Name: Kagome Higurashi
Anime: InuYasha

As far as I can remember, I usually watched InuYasha when i was still in highschool. Oh well, I got the chance to cosplay Kagome, the main heroine in the story.  I like her simply because I always wanted to be as strong as her. I can't live without my family and my few friends and I'm scared of monsters, ghosts or any scary creatures but Kagome survived living in another world, fighting. 

Kagome Higurashi (日暮 かごめ) was born in modern Japanas the spiritual reincarnation of the feudal era miko Kikyō. She was unknowingly born with the legendary Shikon no Tamainside her body until the day of her fifteenth birthday, when a demon pulled her into the sacred well, also referred to as theBone-Eater's Well, on her family's property, taking her five hundred years back in time. They emerge in the feudal era, where the demon extracts the jewel from Kagome.
Kagome takes over the task of protecting the Shikon Jewel from evil influences, but accidentally shatters it into numerous shards that disperse throughout the country. Together with thehalf-demon Inuyasha, she had to recover all the shards of the jewel before they fell into the evil influence of Naraku.

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