Saturday, November 9, 2013

Karuta Roromiya

Anime: Inu X Boku SS
Character: Karuta Roromiya

She's so feminine and weird .. Well a lot of people says I'm weird - maybe because I tend to speak Korean or Japanese at times (though I'm not that fluent) or because I sing Korean / Japanese songs. I dunno. I don't have a lot of friends and I don't usually mingle with other people just like her.

Karuta Roromiya (髏々宮カルタ Roromiya Karuta) is the SS for Kagerou Shoukiin, she usually seems phased out but is actually very clever and well knowing about important details. Her Youkai power is that she can tranform to a Gashadokuro (Large skeleton).
She was completely taken over by the enemy and was forced to be killed sometime after enemy Youkai raid. She has been reincarnated, and is currently 20-years old. She now has short hair, and her breasts are bigger than in her previous life.
Karuta is a slim teenage girl with bubblegum pink hair and matching pink eyes. She puts her hair into two high side pigtails and her hair is also wavy. While she is a SS, she wears a black female suit with a white shirt and blue tie. When she is at school she wears her uniform which is similar to Ririchiyo Shirakiin's.
After her reincarnation, Karuta has short hair and has bigger breasts than in her previous life.

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