Saturday, January 4, 2014

Anya Alstreim

Character: Anya Alstreim
Anime: Code Geass

I like Anya for she is quiet and she loves taking pictures and updates her diary. I have a blog and a personal diary but I rarely update them. Hahahaha. Ironic. Anyway, I also love taking pictures of myself and on what's happening around me. :)

And oh, I wish to have Geass as well. XD

This is my first group cosplay. I was only informed 2 weeks before the event but I was really excited then. What made me happier that day was that my brother and my boyf were with me to support me and my other friends. Yey!

Ozine Fest 2013 (December 29)

Hail Brittania!
 (c) Yernad Media

Anya Alstreim is Knight of Six in the Knights of the Round and pilots the heavy assault Knightmare Frame,Mordred. She wears a pink cloak. She is a quiet and introverted person with a mysterious past and has a Britannian emblem tattooed on her left arm. She holds the distinction of being the youngest individual ever appointed to the Knights of the Round at the age of 15. She is shown to have a lack of emotion, and has little faith in her memory, so she maintains a log/blog which she frequently updates with pictures she takes with her camera-phone. As one of the younger members of the Knights of the Round, she is close friends with Suzaku Kururugi and Gino Weinberg. Suzaku's cat Arthur also takes a liking to her, though the cat seems to be more affectionate to everyone except Suzaku himself.

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