Tuesday, March 11, 2014

White Rock Shooter

White Rock Shooter or WRS  is a character for the RPG Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME, taking the role of the main antagonist and the final boss.
Originally, she is known as Sing Love (シング・ラブ), a famous singer on Earth before the alien invasion that decimated most of Earth and the human population.

I cosplayed her at PCC DAY2. It was a very tiring day but the most enjoyable event so far. It was held in Robinsons Place Manila and guess what? The convention is open to all!! OMG! I was like - okay  kelangan kong sulitin to! Hahahaha.

(c) Sir Gab Vin
Edited by Sir Kaylze Aishien

(c) Sir Abner Yngente

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