Monday, April 7, 2014


Here's our weapons and boots for our upcoming SAO cosplay on TAGCOM, April 13,2014!!! I'm very excited because there are a lot of first time that will happen on that day.

1. It will be my first time to cosplay with a partner.
2. It will be the first time that my boyf will be cosplaying.
3. It will be the first that we will be cosplaying together.


The lambent light. The holder is kinda thick and the scabbard always fall but that's okay since I bought this for Php500 only. If only I have enough funds, I could buy a better one.

This isn't kinda fit for me but that can be fixable.

The shoes really fits me and when I say REALLY FIT, there is no ALLOWANCE.

Same with this. It REALLY FIT my boyf's feet. I didn't say it FIT WELL did I?

Kinda thick but manageable.

Well .. Though there are a lot of flaws .. I'm sooo excited since all are set and gaaaaaadddd, I'm with my boyf. Watch out! :3

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