Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cosmania '14

Happy 1st anniversary to me! Yep, it's my first year in the cosplay world. Looking back, I wasn't really good at putting make ups. I only put on my "trusted" lipstick. But now, well .. I'm still in the what they call "improving" stage. T'was a hell- yeah fun because I got to meet my cosplay friends. Aside from that, I went to the event with my little brother - just like last year.

I cosplayed Mizuki Himeji from Baka to test to Shoukanjuu. I liked that anime because it actually shows that grades aren't that really important. Sometimes, I think that people these days are so judgmental that they couldn't really see what's REALLY IMPORTANT. Is it all about grades? fame? fortune?

I just hope that there will come a time that people would finally understand each other. (This saying came from the anime, Naruto! Haha)

Here are some of my friends! :3

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