Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My First Haul: TesterKorea

I'm sooo happy today because I have my hands on to the cosmetics that I ordered last year and aside from that this is my first haul blog post! I've been an online shopper for 8 years already. Too bad I haven't blogged those before. Anyway, I'm excited to introduce you the things that I bought in TesterKorea, an online shop that is based in Korea. Korean cosmetics are very expensive here in PH which is why I decided to buy in Korea. Shipping fee and customs fee are just fine plus there are free samples for every purchase! How cool is that? Overall, it only costs me less 2.5k.

I ordered last Decemeber 1, 2014 and chose Registered Air Mail. They finished collecting the items and shipped it to me after 5 days. According to the site, my package was sent to the customs last December 28, 2014. I have just got the package yesterday, January 20,2014.

Here's the package I've just got from customs.

And here are my orders! They were placed in a box. Each of them were perfectly wrapped in a bubblewrap and there are mini Styrofoams inside. 

From left to right:
Missha BB Cream No. 23

Skinfood Milk Shake Point Make up Remover

Missha Creamy Latte Cleansing Foam
SecretKey Milk Brightening Toner
Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

And here's the samples they gave to me. I will definitely use them because when I was in South Korea, I wasted a lot of samples. Too bad, I didn't even use any of them. Maybe because I was too lazy.

So there! And even though I waited for more than a month to receive these, I am still happy that I wanted to order again soon! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Savings Challenge.

There is this 52-week savings challenge that went viral over the internet. This is really helpful for me since I wanted to save starting this year and by that, I will do this savings challenge!

I just have to start saving at PHP50 then add PHP50 again each day. At the end of the year, I'm going to save PHP68,900! Yipeee!

Here's my table:

I also made another one that starts with PHP10 then add PHP10 each day. At the end of  the year, I'm going to have PHP13,780! Wow!

Here's the table:

I am starting to get excited. Guess this year will be an awesome year for me. This year will be better. Hope yours too! <3 <3 <3

Musings of a Sanguine

Let me present Musings of a sanguine by Ms. Raigne Sanguine. Ms. Raigne invited me to have a photoshoot at Ayala. I came there late (around 3 pm) because my travelling time is about 3-4 hours. Good thing, Ms. Raigne, who is also my friend, patiently waited me. I really had a good time with her.

The truth is, this is my first time to do a photoshoot without me wearing my costumes. I actually thought of having a street fashion shoot but I ended up with wearing a dress for me to look like a doll. I am really happy with the results!!! *.*

I'm not good at explaining some things. I just like this one.

This is my favorite. I felt like I'm a pro. Hahaha. Anyway, I just thought that I have to look like a doll or whatever. And that facial expression ---- eeeeng.

I just wanted to look natural here. I don't wanna smile or do pa-cute things. I wanted to look different on pictures -- just like this.

I felt like a kid -- sucking a lollipop -- in a playground.

This is my boyf's favorite shot. Maybe because I look happy. The fountains are really awesome. I think much better if there's a rain effect.

So there. I wish to do more photoshoots like this one! XD